30 Ways to Love Your Clients

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Written By Kathleen June

My 30 years of teaching, training, group facilitation, and instructional design come together in Kathleen June Coaching: Digital Course How-To. As we draw on your deep passion and refine your focus to create the perfect learning activities for your clients, the relief and excitement in your voice is one of my greatest joys. You will quickly learn to set your clients up to be more engaged, responsive learners as you train them in your service language and concepts.

August 11, 2021

My introduction to training and building courses was way back when I was active in grassroots political organizing. A friend invited me and several other women to be trained by her as instructional designers (course builders) and trainers.

I had been substitute teaching junior high school, so I smugly thought that training adults would be the same – me up in front of the room as the expert. I also thought that I already knew how to plan and develop a course for adult learners. My creativity and wit, I assumed, would make me a star in this new setting.

I count that mind-bending experience as one of the biggest flops of my life. I also count it as one of my most thrilling, rewarding, and transformative learning experiences. Why?

Wrong. Wrong. Wrong again.

I learned the difference between talking and teaching.
I learned how a narrowed topic and laser-focus feed a logical, smooth-flowing, user-friendly course design.
I learned that Adult Learners #adultlearning are people with needs for practical, usable skills and a whole-life context for their learning.
I learned that my deep passion and desire to serve, coupled with solid planning, helped me meet my students most authentically and professionally.

This is what I want for you, too. I want you to experience how much more impassioned, logical, connecting, and student-friendly your online or face-to-face courses can be.

What do you want your course to do for your students?
Please post below.

Over the next 30 days, my “how-to” posts will teach you some gems from my 30+ years of training, instructional design, and group facilitation. You will be inspired to question how you can deepen your connection to your students and offer them a course designed for their best learning experience.

Watch for 30 Ways to Love Your Clients.
Have your arts and crafts supplies and your journal handy.

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