Your Course as a Love Crucible

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Written By Kathleen June

My 30 years of teaching, training, group facilitation, and instructional design come together in Kathleen June Coaching: Digital Course How-To. As we draw on your deep passion and refine your focus to create the perfect learning activities for your clients, the relief and excitement in your voice is one of my greatest joys. You will quickly learn to set your clients up to be more engaged, responsive learners as you train them in your service language and concepts.

December 6, 2021

Whether you are updating or starting up, you want your digital or in-person course to showcase your unique combination of passion, inner wisdom, and expertise. There are lots of “build your course” out there that offer a framework for structure. But what about the heart and soul of your treasured work? What about the how-tos of teaching?

You are told that building a course is easy and fast, but that speedy, high-flying approach feels like a mismatch with the way you learn best. How safe and cared-for will you feel in those crash courses? And where is the personalized, customized hand-holding you want?

If this sounds familiar, I invite you to start thinking of your course as a Love Crucible. This is a deep well of respect and care in which you show your clients that you want the very best for them. Within your Love Crucible, you begin building your Know-Love-Trust relationships before you ever meet your clients.

You draw them into your world where their needs as Adult Learners are respected and valued, their curiosity is met with the right level of material, and their time is dedicated to learning practical skills that take them closer to the transition they desire.

It’s true that building your course can be daunting. But I promise you, it can be the most rewarding, all-embracing expression of your great love for your clients that you will ever make. You will see how training is marketing – your love message will keep them coming back and spreading the word!

If you are ready to explore the thrill of teaching Adult Learners from the richness of your very own Love Crucible, I’d love to be your guide. I want to help you build the course that expresses you best.


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