3 Secrets for Coaches & Experts
To Create a Truly Transformational
and Money-Making – Course


3 Secrets

Your course is transformed when you…

-Make it a love crucible for safe and lasting learning

-Focus on how adults take in, retain, and use new learning

-Balance soulfulness and structure

Capture the Cause

Digital courses as marketing tools have boomed since COVID shut us away from our face-to-face clients and propelled us to start new online businesses. 

Since 2019, digital courses have leapt from the province of corporations and universities to one of the primary ways solopreneurs and small businesses attract new customers and keep their current clients engaged.  

Your clients are more deeply connected to you and to each other, more absorbed in your content, and are eager to learn how to use your services when you weave Adult Learning practices into your course design.



Your online learning content gets a penetrating review through my Adult Learning lens. Based on our discovery conversation, I look at what’s bothering you, what you want more of, what your desired results are. I pay attention to everything from slide layout, to activities, to content level, logical structure, and flow.

Your take-aways for you and your business:

  • Deeper expression of your inspiration and wisdom
  • More engaged, committed students
  • More repeat students
  • Boost to your organic word of mouth advertising
  • Greater impact on the change you want to make for the world
  • Greater trainer comfort and confidence

Your experience for you and your learners:

  • Heightened enthusiasm for each next module
  • Deeper relationships with your students
  • More purposeful, meaningful connections to real life and to each other
  • Long-lasting, replicable learning
  • Immediately useful applications

What’s Included


Self-paced video How Jenny Learns Best

  • Basic tenets of Adult Learning
  • The beauty of clear, focused learning objectives
  • How adults learn (that includes you and me!)

(Pre-requisite for Narrow Your Topic Coaching)


Narrow Your Topic for Laser-Focused Learning 1:1 Coaching

  • What is your foundational passion for teaching this topic?
  • What are the elements within your topic?
  • It all goes in the funnel, folks!
  • Enjoy the magic as your finely narrowed topic emerges!

Detailed, actionable recommendations

  • Where can you introduce classic adult learning practices & tools?
  • Reasons why what you are doing well works
  • How to leverage and replicate what works
  • Recommendations and How-To’s for engaging adult learners
  • Factoring in trainer comfort and building learner trust


Complementary 30-minute follow-up Coaching Q&A ($175 value)

Tailor-made at-a-glance checklist for your next digital module or course! (Based on your Digital Course How-To Elevator report.)

Kathleen June’s Coaching Process


Soulfully shape the transformation you offer


Structure adult learning modules for greatest flow & engagement


Create slides that beam your passion, wisdom, & expertise


Boost connection, engagement, & retention through bonus coaching


Launch, connect, & market your course with the help of savvy, soulful professionals

What Others Are Saying…

“Kathleen was amazing to work with.
There was magic in how she helped me discover what I didn’t even know I could teach, and then showed me the steps to get it done.”

~Shelley Schelle, Seasonal Finance

My confidence has soared since working with Kathleen!
I’m fired up now to give this class. We clarified a TON of points in my webinar
that I can use to greatly enhance the experience and retention of attendees.

~Mariah Ehlert, Mariah Ehlert Photography

“Your clarity, knowledge, and patience
were so appreciated and allowed me
to be more creative and have more
confidence in my presentation.”

~Lila Gracey, Life Coach (retired)

“When we worked together, you talked about your passion
for building a legacy for the future. That seemed to be what gave you the greatest joy,
when our client partners succeeded and grew into who they longed to be.”

~May Lowry, Ph.D., Faculty Development Manager (retired)

“An usually very reticent team member responded to a simple question in a very authentic and vulnerable way, with a story from his childhood. You were leading the discussion and you were masterful in quietly and respectfully listening to him. In that moment, you showed everyone how that is done.”

~May Lowry, Ph.D., Instructional Technology and Faculty Development Manager (retired)

Meet Kathleen

Kathleen’s passion for adult learning began with an embarrassing failure as she transitioned from school teacher to workshop trainer. The resulting “Aha!” sparked Kathleen’s 32-year career designing courses based on proven adult learning practices, and training others to create their own.

Learning Stewardship

I guide you – coaches, healers, leaders, and online experts – to bring out the heart-centered, inspired work you came here to do – all solidly based on proven adult learning principles and tools, in a format that keeps you focused and your learners learning.

It’s the way you learn from me that might make the difference to you. You will learn exactly like you will train your students, with a balance of structure and soulfulness that reflects both your expertise and your personality, values, and love language.


Your voice is unique. Your course should be too!

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s all this about Adult Learning. Why can’t I just get on camera and talk about what I know?

You can, and many people do. But that stream of “I’m the expert, here’s everything I know” content is information, only a part of learning. In a stream of information, no matter how compelling or how beautifully delivered, it is still just information: facts, data, opinions. It might call for a change in beliefs or attitudes, but it does not support an actual change in behavior. That comes with the structured experiences and activities in a course designed for Adult Learners.

What is the adult learner’s experience like?

As adult learners, we learn best by doing, getting our hands on something and figuring out how it can work for us. Think of a time when you read or heard something that struck a chord in you. You wanted to learn more. You joined a group, went to classes, got online, embarked on a learning adventure. Your true learning really set in once you opened your mouth to participate, asked questions, witnessed other’s experiences, tried something new, experimented and made some mistakes. True learning requires a change in behavior, which is a risky act. It is a risk that the learner takes with us, so we owe them the structured safety of a course where they are treasured as vulnerable and serious learners. 

I have been conducting online classes for a long time but I don’t know much about Adult Learning. What can it do for me?

So glad you asked! Adult Learning is the opposite of “talking at” people in a stream of content. Adult Learning is an actual professional field with a strong history of interesting research into how we adults learn, remember, and use what we’ve learned. Principles (why something works) and practices (how it works) stemming from this research have proven to be effective for engaging learners just like you and me in content that is relevant to our real lives, memorable so it is woven into the context of our lives, practical so we can really use it, and and replicable so we can adapt it to our needs. It is experiential, active, and learner-centered, meaning that as students we get our hands dirty. We are involved in making sense of and deriving purpose from our own learning. 


I don’t have a digital course yet, but I’m told I need one. Where do I start? How do I know what to teach?

Digital Course How-To takes you right where you are. DCHT is a structured program built around the metaphor of baking a cherry pie. We start by honoring the people you serve (perhaps nameless at this point). We call on your passion for teaching and learning. We identify the topics that emerge from your passion. From those very narrowed-down topics we write specific learning objectives that guide your decisions throughout the design process. We follow a “recipe” or a roadmap that gives you a template to design and build each module. With my help, you select every word, image, tool, and activity for your audience. 

That sounds like a lot.

It is, so we break everything down into very small steps. You are guided and supported every minute. Once you have designed your first module or session, the rest of your modules fall into place. Each one is built faster than the last one. By the time your  roadmap and slide deck are completed, you will know how to design a module and a program on your own.

This does not sound so easy.

Just like learning anything else, “Easy as pie” comes to you as you use the principles (why something works) and the practices (applying what works) to build your own digital course. You learn exactly the same way you will teach your own students. We make sure you will succeed at every small step. You are never thrown in the water to see if you will sink or swim! You are held closely by me in 1:1 coaching or in a small group of peers who learn from and support each other with my coaching.

How long does it take to create my Course Audit or my roadmap and slide deck?

A Digital Course How-To Audit can usually be completed within a 2 week timeframe. We create an agreement on your goals, project scope, and delivery that works for both of us. 

One:one coaching is based on your goals, preferences and schedule, so we contract for a completed project and agree on a timeline. 

The Digital Course How-To course is 3 months long, delivered in 4 weekly class sessions that include breakout group co-working sessions. Each session is designed to bring you along with great success. You have homework to do throughout. At first the pace is deliberate and deep. Progress speeds up as you gain confidence and competence in weaving your design together. 

You are bringing your enormous gifts forward to help transform the world into a better place. 

Get Started Now

 “If you really want to help this world, you will have to teach people how to live in it.” 

~Adapted from Joseph Campbell

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My students bring their content expertise to the table; I bring the design and training expertise. And so it will be with you.